Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monday: Grilling Out

This weekend felt like a weekend should. I am not sure if it was the open windows in the house, the fact that we finally did much needed yard work, or if my hormones hopped of the roller coaster (Amen), but whatever it was this weekend was perfection. Every morning began with laughs and snuggles in bed, a tight squeeze with the whole crew and my cup of java, but the perfect way to start the day. We worked in our yard and reaped the benefit of good old fashioned manual labor. The garden is planted, deck stained, and grass mowed. My husband and three year old sat front and center in our old rusty van during a drive in movie show (How To Train Your Dragon) while I held my sleeping little one comfortably in the backseat. And, there is more...garage sale mania, star gazing, and plenty of down time just hanging out together.

So,there was nothing more fitting that grilling out and enjoying the yard we worked so hard to restore from winter.

It was simple.

Grilled Peppers.
Good Buns.

What else do you need?
(Yes, if you are my husband.)

ps..I urge you to buy grass-fed beef, local is best! Check online for a farm near you!

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