Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday: Cheesy Chickeny Ricy Broccoli in a Cresecent Circle

Found this McCormick cheese seasoning packet in the clearance section at my grocery store and thought I would make a meal that centered around it. I kept adding things as I went, and here's what I ended up with. I must say, the packet itself I was not all that impressed with, and I probably should have just used regular old shredded cheddar if I were to do this meal again. At any rate, here's what we did:

Cheesy Steamers packet
Cooked, cut up chicken
cooked rice (completely not necessary at all...thought about that after I cooked it)
1 tube of refrigerated crescent rolls
Step One: Heat up and mix up the ingredients, except the crescent rolls.
Step Two: Lay the cresent roll triangles in a star formation, as pictured below:

Step Three: Bust out the old rolling pin and smooth out the center of the star, at the places where the triangles overlap.

Step Four: Scoop out dollops of the broccoli and chicken mix, and drop them around the circle, as shown below:

Step Five: Pick up the tips of the triangles, one at a time and fold over the broccoli mixture. Tuck under the middle circle and gently push into the other end of the crescent roll.

Step Six: Bake according to the directions on your crescent roll tube.

This basic concept I stole from a recipe I did a long time ago for Pampered Chef. In the "All the Best" cookbook I got the idea from, there were many options of fillings. I just got creative using what we had, but you can certainly change it up. If you are feeding more people you can use two tubes of crescent rolls and increase the size of the star you start with.

Some ideas of fillings that were in the book are the following:
Classic Reuben
Beef Taco (my favorite)
Spinach and artichoke
Chicken Club
Turkey and Cranberry
Barbecue Chicken
Garden vegetable omelet


Sarah Anne said...

This looks sooo good! What a great presentation!

Do you think adding cream cheese or a cheddar cheese would add to the overall taste? Or do you think it would all melt out of the crescent rolls?

MommaHughes said...

Sarah, Yes, it would add to the taste. Probably cheddar cheese would be better with the broccoli, but cream cheese and chives could be great with chicken too.

Kelly Polizzi said...

wow very nice. i will give this a try one day.