Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday: Cheese Quesdaillas with Arugala and Radishess

Nobody laugh. Ok, you can laugh. Let me just preface by saying this was my first attempt at making tortillas and well....they pretty much came out nothing like tortillas. I am not giving up!

Aside from making the tortillas this meal is ridiculously easy. Fresh. Crisp. Unique.

The Bits and Pieces
Tortilla (fresh!)
Feta Cheese

Now, to make your own tortilla visit this website. It is the Rick Bayless website. Last week my youngest son fell asleep while nursing. My book was out of reach. After pondering the world over I reached for the remote and turned on PBS. There I sat in mouth watering amazement while Rick Bayless made tortilla making look like a breeze.  I will give you his recipe as I am not ready to showcase my own attempt!
Here are the balls of dough before I pressed them. I thought things were going well at this point.

However you get your tortillas you are going to want to warm them! Perhaps, if they are not fresh go ahead and toast them on pan until they are nice and warm for you.

Now, slice up those radishes.
And, the arugula.

Take your warm tortilla and sprinkle some feta right onto it!

Put on the arugula.

And the radishes.

Now, wrap it up and put some salsa on the side. We just made a little salsa by throwing some tomato, onion, cilantro and salt together.


By the way~ while mourning over the tragedy of my tortillas my husband whipped up these mozzerella sticks that can be found on the Tasty Kitchen website. Mm!

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debbieo said...

Thats how my first tortilla's looked. He he. I jst kept trying. I found out to rest the dough and knead it more and not to use too much flour helped. They are almost kinda roundish in a way now.