Saturday, May 1, 2010

Need a Mother's Day gift Idea?

We were given the chance to try out some jewelry in exchange for telling you all our honest opinion of the product.

Women + Tired Moms + Free Jewelry = YES!

LuShae Jewelry has many items available for purchase such as: pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. I had a hard time choosing which piece to review, but I chose: Lavender Hanging Bliss.

I have extremely sensitive skin, so I was a bit worried that the necklace would irritate my skin, but I was able to wear this necklace for 2 days straight before my skin became irritated. When I received the necklace my first thought was, wow it really is as sparkly as I thought it would be! The color of the stone was very true to what was pictured and the necklace was even more beautiful in person. The necklace is well made and I have no concerns that it will break. Absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic surprise! I feel like a million bucks wearing this necklace. You would never know that it is CZ!

Out of the Box Mommy, Alisha Hughes chose: Evening Teardrop

"I have trained myself to be very frugal, and rarely splurge on something really nice just for myself, (typical mom, right?) so this necklace was such a treat. I loved that the piece I picked out was chic and sophisticated for the times when I am try to dress it up a little bit, but not so flashy that I am self-conscious...being someone who rarely gets super dressed up. I can put it on and instantly feel like I have done something to help myself look nice. (never really seemed like that big a deal until I had three kids under the age of 5) :) I also really liked how convenient it was to order online and not have to mess with the whole jewelry shop experience. Seriously, if you have toddlers, have had toddlers, or have even looked at a toddler before, you can understand why taking 3 to a jewelry shop full of glass boxes with flashy things in them would be a bad idea! ;0) I LOVED IT!"

If you haven't finished your Mother's Day present, be sure to check out LuShae Jewelry!

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