Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Penny in a Fountian for You.

On Tuesdays my little crew and I head to the public library. We drive around downtown until we find a parking spot open and then I (on hands and knees) go under every seat looking for meter change as I always forget to bring it. Most days we find enough loose change to give us a few hours of play time. Moose, my eldest, walks beside me and Finn, my youngest, is strapped to me by way of a mei-tai.
Before we go to the library, which opens at 10, we head over to a local breakfast joint and have a Mommy and Boys Breakfast Date-a-Palooza. On Tuesdays we add "Palooza" to everything we say. Its just how we roll around here. Anyway~ after coffee, omletes, and fending of the old men from squeezing my children's cheeks we head down the street to the library. There is a fountain on the way which we stop and make wishes into. This is such a darling way of hearing the inner thoughts of my three year old. I wish for a Buzz Lightyear on my birthday. I wish that brother will not be afraid of the thunder storm. I wish for everyone to have pennies. 

Library time is great. Books, puzzles, a breastfeeding pit-stop, puppet shows, and more books. Remember its a book-a-palooza kind of day. On Tuesdays I let Moose skip his nap and enjoy the excitement of new reads.  We find a reading knook, which today was in the bay window, and he reads for the duration of what would be his nap time. Finn sleeps and Mommy, well, I get to dive right into my new books too. Tuesdays are one of our favorite days of the week around here. 

I write all of this to prep my Family Fun idea.  To put the icing on the cake when we arrived home this afternoon a booming thunderstorm had just rolled in. I tossed lunch into a basket and plopped the crew onto the front porch. We sat together eating delicious simple whole foods...home made hummus, fresh plain snow peas, millet cake, and just brewed green tea.  We oooed and awed the storm, felt the fresh wind on our faces, and waved goodbye as the dark clouds rolled past.

This is thunderstorm season.  Find a safe spot and take advantage of some of the best "entertainment" you can ever provide your children with~ nature.

Be grateful for good food, be in awe of thunderstorms, and find a moment today to stop and read with your children.  This is my penny in downtown fountian wish for you today.

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