Thursday, May 6, 2010

Winner of the LETZ TALK GIVEAWAY!!

Our winner for the LetzTalk Giveaway is......

Stephanie from Misadventures of a wannabe cake boss, who said,

"I would go for the 5-8 set and give it to my friends who have 2 kids. I think it would be a great family present for them to share."

So nice of you Stephanie!! Congratulations! To everyone else, do not be dismayed...Sarah is posting several other giveaways this week, so stay tuned!

I also just wanted to send some love to Stephanie, our winner, by posting one of her adorable cakes that she made for her dad's (a pilot) birthday. Check this out:

Great job Stephanie, and good luck to you as you work toward your goal of making cakes your career!

1 comment:

Sarah Anne said...

That cake is phenomenal! Good for you! I hope your business goes well!