Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Food

A while back Alisha was posting baby food recipe ideas. I did not contribute much because I was still a couple of months away from thinking baby food.

Now, with Finn being six month old we are embarking on the exciting world of smashed up, spit out, funny face making food.

Here is my youngest darling eating one of his favorites~ avocado. We were at a pizza restaurant and I brought the avocado along, mushed it, and served it to him so that he did not grab at our pizza the entire night.

We have been making all of his baby food here at the house. When we are not at home I usually bring along a banana or avocado as they are easy to smash up and require nothing more be done to them.

At home, though, we have been having a lot of fun with whole grains. 

Using a blender and a tad bit of water we like to blend up~

Kasha (buckwheat)
Brown Rice 

I make these grains for breakfast and then set aside a little for Finn before I add anything to them for the rest of us. It does take some forethought, but its good for all of us. Brown rice does not stay in the fridge for long as bacteria can build up rather quickly. But, you can freeze it.

Thus far, this is the extent of our baby food adventures. As we come across and introduce new foods I will share anything interesting! And, I would love your continued ideas!

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