Friday, June 25, 2010

Black Bean Dip

Want a simple dip to go along with those home made crackers? I have the answer.

Here I am holding a bag of black beans bigger than my head. I think this officially makes me a legumaniac!

Here is a black bean dip I made yesterday for the first time. Its pretty darn good.

What you need:

Black Beans, soaked. 
Cumin to taste. 
A blender. 
Some water. 

After soaking your beans, boil them until soft.
Let them cool and then put them into your blender with a bit of water.
My blendtec did awesome! Do only process a cup or so at a time, however, as this is thick stuff!

When blended nice and smooth add cumin to taste. Stir it in.

For a little extra oopmh add some fresh cilantro.

Serve warm or chilled!

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Quirky Jessi said...

You have no idea how jealous I am. And if you saw extra funky link referrals, a handful of those were probably from me, too, as I showed off your bag of beans to other. I was so excited last week because I got the little 1 lb. bags on clearance for $.65! And then you go and show me up with a gigantic bag. Pfft. :P