Friday, June 11, 2010

BONUS: Kids snacks, Breakfast on the go, and Strawberry Choco Smoothie

First, check out this cute little butterfly snack idea, using carrot, raisins, apple slices, and pretzels, I found at Kids Activities!Don't you love it? So cute and so simple! Okay, and here's one we tried out in our homestead this week, using lettuce, cottage cheese, bologna, ketchup on the bologna, and a red pepper strip (things we just happened to have):Not quite as cute as the butterfly, but ya know, whatev! My kids were excited. Your kids can definitely help you out with these snack ideas too, so craft time and snack time all in one!! :0)

I got a magic bullet at a garage sale for $4, and I was thrilled to pieces. I made these smoothies for my kiddos and myself. I am planning to come up with some new blender type ideas in the future. So, stay tuned for that one. :0) In the meantime, here are a couple that we did when I got some strawberries for a hot deal and had a mad craving for strawberry smoothies all week.

BREAKFAST in a cup
(or breakfast on the go, or the breakfast you drink....whatever suits your attitude or urgency that morning) ;0)

I do not have exact measurements for you, but this can be made larger or smaller depending on what size blending contraption you are using. The magic bullet is designed to make a smoothie for one serving, if you want it to, so I just did that for each of my kids and myself.Ingredients:
a tad bit of sugar (1/2 Tbs?)

Put ingredients into a blending contraption

Mix, serve, and smile.
The beauty of this one is that you can get all the nutrients of a full breakfast that you would sit at the table to eat, but you can put it into a travel cup on a day when you are in a hurry. LOVE IT.

Strawberry Choco Smoothie: a dessert or just for fun

Ingredients I decided to use:
Milk (not pictured...oops)
Ice cream (vanilla, or strawberry cheesecake ice cream)
Rich Chocolately Ovaltine. ;)

#1. Put ingredients in a thing.
#2. Mix it up and serve it. ;0)You can also melt a little chocolate in the microwave and pipe in a message using a plastic bag with a tiny hole cut in the tip of one corner of your bag. Adorable idea and pic taken from Jeanne Winter's blogspot here.

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Kelly Polizzi said...

All so cute! I love the butterfly especially. I'm gonna make this one for my daughter.