Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flop: Nori Wraps

On this food adventure we have thus found new foods, textures, and tastes that we are enjoying way more than we could have imagined. Not so with this, however!

Let it be known that we declare Nori to be disgusting!

I tried. I did. I was even excited.

I made vegetarian nori wraps. The rice was good. The avocado was perfectly creamy. The cucumber was divine. The whole grain sprouted burrito was substantially delightful. But, the nori...ohh...gag.

We could not do it folks. There was serious gagging. Then laughing. Then more gagging.

Anyone out there like Nori and have some suggestions? I would love to hear some success stories!!


Coley said...

Well, this is completely irrelevant to humans, but Nori can be fed to salt water fish tanks in place of fish flakes and is way cheaper than at the pet store. Thats about the only use I've ever found for Nori, LOL.

Stephanie said...

Did you wet it first? That's how you make sushi out of it. We have only used it to make sushi, not wraps, so it hasn't been the dominate flavor, but if you didn't wet it, that could definitely create a gagging issue.

Jessi said...

It could've been the brand, too, because I use it frequently for sushi and such, and you can't really taste the wrap at all other than for the texture. In the taste department, mine is rather bland and what taste 'is' there, is usually overridden by all the other flavors going on.

madmommy said...

Have you tried with the rice on the outside? This creates less of the nori wrapping, so you get a hint of the flavor. Also, try some of the Korean versions for different flavors. Good for you for trying it though!