Friday, June 4, 2010

Jamaican Veggie Patties

Dear Katie, 

I know you are tired after an eventful day. That meal you worked on, that one that was super delicious, in which you took many instructional pictures highlighting the beauty of veggies and dough~ yes the Jamaican Veggie Patties~ sure was a hit, huh? I know you would like nothing more (other than an hour to yourself at a bookstore with a cup of coffee) than for me to just work tonight. It is, after all, past ten o'clock and I have forced you to miss The Office re-runs with your hubby. Alas, I am writing to say that I will not be working (again).. I will not upload. I will not share my pictures with you tonight. Hey, there is a really cute shot of the dogs cuddling by the couch. Just look at them! A brief moment of calm that would be perfect to capture in a picture. You can take it, sure, but don't expect me to upload it onto your computer. No ma'am. Not tonight. 

Your Memory Card 

And that is that.

A new favorite blog~ 101 Cookbooks (amazing!!!!!) has this delicious recipe posted. Today, I made it. I took pictures step by step. I even worked to make it look pretty against a backdrop other than my finger paint smudged kitchen counter. 

I can not share the pictures, but I will share the recipe and ask that you go right on over to 101 Cookbooks to view it for yourself. This is worth every bit of the work that goes into it. And, in the perfect little pouch it is a toddler and kid friendly delight.

Click here to see 101 Cookbooks Recipe for Jamaican Veggie Patties! 

The below picture has nothing to do with anything other than it completely captures a day in the life of my family. This, and writing fake letters from my stupid memory card, is how I spend my days. The crazy one flying through the air loved the Jamaican veggie pies and the little one, who is just glad no one has landed on top him in the past couple of minutes enjoyed fresh pureed peas.

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