Friday, June 11, 2010

A little Extra on the T0-Do List

I read this great idea on one of my favorite blogs, Passionate Homemaking, and have since been using it myself. It is worth sharing, especially for you momma's that have handfuls of work today (or any day!).

Using an index card write your daily to-do list on half of the space. These are just the things you are wanting to get accomplished in a given day. You are going to keep this card folded in your back pocket today and look at if frequently. On the other half of the space write down a Bible verse that you can meditate on during the day. Each time you look at your to-do list and mark something off (whoo-hoo!) take a look at your verse, speak the words, and pray them as you go about your tasks.

Often, if I am working on a personal goal with my children I will write this as well. For example, after reading Grace Based Parenting I have been striving to be responsive rather than reactive with my boys. On my card I often write the word~ GRACE. It is a simple reminder, but incredibly needed especially when I have hit that frazzled  part of the day and there are many more hours to go!

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