Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay, I have news for you that is better than the Blackhawks winning the Stanley cup! I think I might finally have a reason to say "WOOT! WOOT!" :0) So glad to be living in an area that is considered part of "Chicagoland", even though I live in Indiana. If you are also this lucky, read on...

Jimmy Johns is holding a Customer Appreciation Day in Chicagoland locations on Thursday June 10 and they are knocking their 8″ sub prices to only $1.00 from 11 am to 3 pm (it’s almost free!). Small print says “Good for sandwiches 1-6. Limit one per person. Good for in-store purchase only”.

I am so stinkin' excited!!!!
This completely makes my day when they do this!

Okay, sorry, I am done now. :0)

To see if your Jimmy John's is participating, click here.

I can tell you from past experiences that it works like this:
  1. Get in a big fat line of people, who are also very stoked about getting a delicious sub for $1.00. Bring all your kids with you, because you can get one sub per person in line. (Babies are included.) :)
  2. Pick out your subs, and pay just one dollar for each.
  3. High five all of the people around you, and hold up your sub like it is the stanley cup.
  4. Put your subs in your car, and go get back in line.
  5. Order one more sub per person.
  6. High five the people that are around you.
  7. Smile (and occassionally chuckle) as you go home with lunch for today and tomorrow. YES!!!!!!!!!! (woot woot)
(Thank you Free Things to do in Chicago and Jimmy John's! and also, my ruggedy handsome husband, Roc Sisco, who made me aware of this "too good to be true" deal. I love you honey.)

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