Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pear Brushetta

This simple treat is a family favorite around here  especially during grilling season.

You will need the following~ but could probably mix it up however you like.
Isn't that the case with most recipes though?

Wheat bread (some good thick bread) 
Raspberry Jam
Butter (and goodness sakes, use butter not margarine. It is gross anyway and your body can not process all that fake stuff like it can a small tasteful bit of butter. OK, I am finished preaching.)

Now. The next time you have your grilled fired up you can make this desert. I am sure you could do it on the stove,but the grill makes it fun and just perfectly smokey.

In a bowl, melt some good butter. You are going to use it to coat your pears and bread. I think I use about a tablespoon. Slice up some pears and plop them into the bowl of melted butter. Stir them around real nice.

Next, add the bread to the bowl. This is the quick way to coat the bread with the butter too. You could also apply it nice and neat, but around here nice and neat does not happen much.

Your grill is already hot from whatever you have been grilling for dinner. On your top rack put the pears and bread. I put foil under my pears, but you don't have too. Grill them until they are warm and the bread is toasted.

Once the bread and pears are ready remove them from the grill. Smother the toast with raspberry jam and place the pears on top. Go ahead and eat your pear brushetta warm. 

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Lucy's Soup Can said...

I think my daughter would love this. A great lunch idea.