Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soaked Whole Grain Pancakes/Waffles, Con't

It has been 12-24 hours since we began soaking, so now we are ready to make the pancakes.

You have a bowl full of soaked grain. You can use my recipe, make up your own, or follow one of hundreds out there!

Take a few cups at a time and put it into your blender. I add milk into mine, just enough to make sure can blend well. Perhaps a 1/2 cup of milk for every cup of grain. Go ahead and blend it all, a few cups at a time. When it is finished it will look just like "normal" pancake batter.

We now want to add the eggs.  For this large amount of batter I would add three to four eggs. Check out the eggs below. Do you see the color difference? Both of them are free range, organic eggs...but the one with the dark golden yolk comes from a local farm. It is the healthier egg. Darn pretty too.

Now, we need to add the baking soda and baking powder. For this huge batch of batter I added 2 Tbs of baking powder and 1 Tbs baking soda. I felt that I had a bit to much baking soda, so will keep tweeking this until I get it right.

Add a cup of raw sugar.

And, a cup of unrefined organic coconut oil (the best stuff on earth!)

Mix, blend, beat, stir~ just get it all stirred up.

Plop onto your griddle and brown.

See, now, it was worth all the work. These pancakes are delicious and super healthy! Plus~ its always good to have pancakes around! This batch of batter makes a lot of pancakes/waffles. I free the leftover ones in ziplock bags and they serve for quick breakfast or snacks through out the week.

I will be posting more soaked pancake recipes as I come across and test them. Let me know if you find any that you want me to review for you!

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