Sunday, July 25, 2010

CHEAP (surprisingly frugal, inexpensive, not going to bust anyone's budget) MEALS THIS WEEK!

All of my meals this week fit under the "frugal" category, for sure. Each requires only a few ingredients, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of yum. Many of the recipes I have been making for my family lately have come from my "Dinners on a Dime" cookbook that my husband bought me while we were vacationing in Frankenmuth, Michigan a couple of weeks ago. I will be posting two of those recipes this week. Here are my recipes, in the order they will be posted this week:

Monday: Chili-Cheese Biscuit PiesTuesday: Cream, Ham, and Peas on Rusk. I promise it's good! :)
Wednesday: Rustic Artichoke and Ricotta PieThursday: Salmon Loaf: (Picture to come)
Friday: Pepperoni Noodle Pizza
Saturday I will be posting my BONUS for the week: Zucchini bread using my new coconut oil!!!!!!!!!! (Picture to come) Also, I plan on posting a Chocolate PB ball recipe that failed to see if any of you can tell me what my blunder was. :0)

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Ethiopianmomma said...

Hi Alisha, looking forward to seeing what you have cooking. Zucchini bread sounds great. I have been freezing all of my zucchini and I still have it coming out of my ears! I will appreciate this recipe and the abundance of zucchini later in the season when I am not spending every day grating it and freezing it! Need any more? I can bring some to girls weekend?