Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coconut Oil Link

A few posts back Alisha mentioned a great sale on organic coconut oil, which is a fantastic oil to use for cooking, baking, and cosmetic purposes.  The three gals that make up the Meal Planning Mommies are all new to coconut oil, but finding that we have been missing out big time all these years!

I (Katie) am in love with coconut oil. I order it by the gallon. I have a great and simple recipe for making home made baby diaper rash cream and lotion for your family. Now that Alisha has published this great deal going on through Amazon I thought I might share it later today. Give me few hours to take some snapshots for you!

The Meal Planning Mommies are amazon affiliates. We make a small percentage off of purchases that you buy from Amazon through our site. As you may have noticed we only link to an Amazon product if we really like it.  I know that I really like coconut oil. I have not used this particular brand, but I am going to link to it for you. It is a good deal and well worth the try. Thank you for supporting Meal Planning Mommies!

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