Sunday, July 18, 2010

Katie's Meal Plan July 18-24

We have eaten well this week and truthfully I do not feel that I spent much time in the kitchen working!
After returning from a fun family vacation my little sister, Bethlehem, came over for a week long visit. Having an eight year girl old running through the house along side my own children sure made me feel like an old lady at the end of the day! My sister is a darling, she can talk you silly, and boy oh boy is she a picky eater. My husband teases that her food groups are salt, hot sauce, and butter.  Getting the thumbs up from her was really encouraging this week and the foods she was not crazy about~ we took care of that with a little Tabasco and she scarfed it down. Silly gal, I love her dearly. Here we are together after she raided my closet. 

Here is the Bethlehem approved meal plan for the week.

Monday~ Garden Omelets, Breakfast Potatoes and fresh Raspberry Yogurt
Tuesday~ Pot Roast (Prepared a new way!) 
Wednesday~ Pot Roast Soup (a leftover meal creation) 
Thursday~ Snap beans, Brown Rice, and BBQ Chipolte chicken 
Friday~ Basil and Tomato Pasta, Steamed Squash, and Salad 
Saturday~ Crock Pot Ham, Potatoes and Wax Beans 

I am also going to post a really simple treat we have stumbled across as well as some information about storing grains! 

Alisha posted last Friday that we are looking for some direction in terms of where Meal Planning Mommies may be heading. As we grow we want to make sure we are posting useful information that is helpful and encouraging , in particular, to Mom's.  Please send us an email ( or leave a comment if you have a suggestion or though regarding our site and purpose. Thanks to our readers we have grown this much and  we would love to hear from you!

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amanda said...

Great way to use pot roast leftovers! Looks like you have a great week planned.