Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man Night

Last year my husband started a great tradition. It may have been born out of a pregnant me falling on the floor exhausted and begging him to take our then three year old out to eat~ alone. If it did not begin with that exact scenario it was something close, I promise. 
Regardless of its beginning Man Night (also called Man Monday) in our house has become a weekly occurrence. 

I look forward to it each week. Man Night serves as my alone time. And, is a break from preparing a meal. 
My boys look forward to it. It is night just for them, for all things boy, and they feel special. 
My husband looks forward to it. Each day he comes home from work and hears the fun things we have done. Man night gets him involved in parenting solo, which can lead to special moments and lessons learned. 

Plus, Man Night equals Spicy Chicken. And, perhaps that is what makes them happiest of all. 
My dudes have a man night tradition, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sports, and the game Wack-a-Cave Man. Don't ask! It is a little dude and dad thing apparently!
They scarf down chicken wings, lemonaid, fries, and loads of sauces. 
Mommy is not allowed to complain about food on man night. 
And, I don't. 

Man night has become a very special family activity in our home. The conversations shared, memories made, and bonding my boys have experienced has been priceless. They are even concocting an entire man trip! A weekend with my boys all out having fun together while Momma stays back to have a linear thought...........yea baby cakes, I could do that.

If you can, send the kiddos out with dad. It is good for you to have alone time. It is good for them to spend special time with their daddy. It is good for him to know that he is capable, creative, and that you trust him with the little loves of your life.

Man Night Rocks. 


Ethiopianmomma said...

Those are some of the cutest kids in the universe.

Oh, wait. They are mine.

Yep, sorry, couldn't leave this post without a comment. Those two cuties deserve a comment.

MommaHughes said...

Katie, You're a crackup! :) You're right. Those kids are WAY cute! I was going to post that too. You beat me to it. ;)