Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday: Garden Omlette

One of the greatest thing about this little meal is that you can skim through the ingredients list and then completely make it your own. I like meals that like, that allow creativity to bloom....creativity and well...the frugal practice of using whatever you happen to have!

Sometimes in my house, "Look! Isn't Mommy creative?" actually translates to, "We ran out of syrup for the pancakes so I made a nice little compote out of those pears we have had at the bottom of the drawer..."

But~ hey~ that's how we roll.  And, I know for a fact that many of our MPM readers are the exact same way!

So, after much delay here are my ingredients for the Garden Omlette, so named because the veggies came straight from my own back yard.

What you need:
A smidge of milk
Veggies of your choice~ I used organic back yard grown onion and brocolli

*Using dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, and eggs that have come from pastured animals is a very healthy option. These products are full of nutrients, gentle on the environment,  good for the animal and good for you! They also taste very rich and delicious. I also highly encourage produce that is grown without pesticides.

Turn on some music. You will need about three or four of your favorite cooking songs to dance around to as you prepare this meal. Have some fun and know a nice little dinner will be served soon!

1. Wash and chop your veggies of choice. 
2. In a bowl mix your eggs with a dab of milk. Add some salt and pepper. Blend well. 
3. Cook your bacon (if using). 
4. Place some of that pastured butter into a pan, melt. 
5. Add your egg mixture and begin to cook on one side. 
6. Dump in your veggies/bacon/cheese
7.  Cook in the pan until the egg is not runny. Flip over and cook a few minutes more on each side. 

Serve with breakfast potatoes, yogurt, and some freshly squeezed juice!

Tip: If you steam your potatoes before cooking them in some olive oil they will brown and soften faster! It is a real time saver.

And, if you are feeding a baby (who is ready for this type of food!) they may enjoy some cooked egg yolk and pureed breakfast potatoes.

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