Friday, July 16, 2010

Restaurant Deal: B1G1 Entree at Bakers Square

Hey mommas! Happy Friday! Alisha here.

Does anyone use/ refer to the restaurant deals when they are posted? Has it helped anyone in the past? I am currently at a point of deciding if it is something I will be posting on a weekly basis or not.

If you are someone that uses these deals, could you please drop me a comment on this post? If I get ten or more I will consider it worth my time and continue finding and posting deals in the future, as I have in the past.

In the's what my family is doing tonight:

Here’s a great coupon for BOGO Entree at Bakers Square…You need to fill out the simple form and then they will email you a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of 2 drinks and one other entree! We're taking our family out right now. We will be paying for one adult entree, 2 drinks, and 1 kid's meal (our kids are young enough they can share a meal still, and the other is just a baby). I'll let you know later what our total comes to!

(Thanks Save the Coupons!)


Sarah Anne said...

I always check them out, Alisha! I have printed several that you have posted. Thanks for taking your time to help us all out!

Tina said...

Thank you for posting these deals. I appreciate you finding them for us.