Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summertime snack.

A little snack idea, perfect for a summer day.

Ranch (or some other dipping sauce...hummus?)

1. Use a serrated peeler to make thin strips of carrot.
2. Chop off a cute little chunk of a piece of celery. I got rid of the top of the celery, and cut one stalk in half, since I was making this for my two oldest children.
3. Cut off a cute little slice of a banana. (this is going to be the sun) Eat the rest of the banana yourself. :0)
4. Assemble your cute little summer scene. Celery is the trunk of a palm tree. Banana is the sun.
5. Carrot slices make the top of the palm tree. Ranch to dip the carrots and celery in make a cute little beach for your tree to sit on.

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