Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday: Snap Beans, Brown Rice and Spicy BBQ Chicken

I do not know exactly why we enjoyed this dinner tonight, except that it met the basic criteria for a good meal.

1. It was healthy.
2. It was simple.
3. It was fresh.

The fact that it was incredibly easy to prepare also helped.  

~ We started with local grass-fed pastured chicken, and baked it in a dutch oven, along with a little olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. When it was cooked I removed the chicken from the bone and set aside just enough for this meal. The rest went into the freezer for future meals. Alisha's talks about stretching a buck with chicken here.

~ In the morning, before I even started the chicken I set aside my brown rice and soaked it in a little bit of water and kefir. This reduces the phytic acid, makes the rice go farther, and adds a lovely creamy texture to brown rice. My favorite kefir is Redwood Hill Farms Cultured Goat Milk kefir, but there are many good varieties out there. Kefir can be made from goat milk, cow milk, coconut milk, even water! I soaked my rice for about ten hours, but you can soak it anywhere from 7-24 hours.
 ~ After the rice had soaked we put it into a pot and steamed it as usual.

~ I washed some snap peas from the garden and steamed them with some pastured butter. Snap peas are in season right now so you may be able to get them on very good deals. It might be wise to buy surplus, blanch and freeze them for later when they are higher priced!

~ When the chicken was ready we spun it in one of our favorite sauces. This sauce, even better when on clearance, is really good!

And, that was it.

Soaked Brown Rice.
Chicken spun in tasty sauce.
Steamed Snap peas.


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