Saturday, July 3, 2010

TUNA on my WASA!

In my opinion, the taste of
+ the taste of

and yet, I really liked them, and will be eating them again.

And I will eat them with a goat, and I will eat them here or there, and I will eat them everywhere. My children were happy to eat them up when I smothered PB & J on them. In an effort to always keep it real, though, I must say that this was not my hubster's favorite, so in the future he will be presented with the bread of his choice. :) Here's one of the other things I tried doing with these this week:

Wasa light rye crispbread
pickle relish
a little sample packet of the garlic and herb mayo I got for free in the mail.
romaine lettuce

Combine tuna with mayo. Slap your tuna mixture onto one piece of crispbread. Sprinkle on some cheese. Put a little pickle relish on another piece of crispbread. Put a piece of lettuce on your wasa and smash the two pieces together. (okay, so it's really just a tuna sandwich...but a mighty good one at that) Serve with salad.

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