Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday: Pot Roast Soup, A leftover Meal

Soup is seriously one of the best way to use up leftovers. It is cheap and filled to the rim with taste.
Soup can really stretch a buck! And, around our house that is important.

This is so easy.

Similar to yesterday so if you do not like leftovers, perhaps schedule this for later in the week...we don't mind them. In fact, when something is really tasty like yesterday's roast then we want to eat it again!

All you are going to do is take the big ole pot of roast and veggies from yesterday and add the following:

Can of Crushed Tomatoes with the juice
Salt, Pepper

With our leftovers, I only needed to add one cup of lentils and two cups of water. I went ahead and added in another jar of tomatoes with the juice, gave it a bit more S and P and then boom dinner was ready. You will want to add more or less of these ingredients depending on what you had leftover from yesterday.

This was great served with warm jalapeno corn bread! We also liked to squeeze just a bit of ketchup right into our bowls....mmmm....delicious.

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amanda said...

It's so true - soup is delicious and great for using up leftovers. Throw in a piece of bread and you have a great meal. Hope you'll come link up to No Whine Wednesdays!