Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stir Fry, Hamburgers, and a some panko breaded tastiness!

This recipe is completely made up. Ever since participating in the community supported agriculture program I have been making up my own recipes. I think is stems mostly from having bushels of veggies that must be eaten each week.

Thus, this stir-fry recipie was born. I imagine that you could adjust it according to what is available in season and in your fridge.

Brown Rice (Soaked)
Dressing: Brown rice vinegar and Tamari sauce to taste.

Step one: If you are soaking your brown rice then put one cup of brown rice in a bowl with one cup of water and a TBS of your acid medium. I use kefir. Lemon juice would work well for this recipe.

Step two: Cut up your greens.  In a wok (Hey, the MPM's saw some wok's on a great deal at Ikea!) put your greens. Cook them in a tiny bit of sesame oil or olive oil.  Cook them long enough to have them soften up, about ten minutes.

Step three: Add your soaked/cooked rice to the wok. Stir and fry.
Step four:  To taste add in brown rice vinegar and tamari.

 Step five: Serve with something else!  I was just going to eat just this and my non-vegetable loving husband suggested some hamburgers on the side. Meat for us now, is a side dish rather than the main course. This hamburger is local grass fed beef.  It is the best we have ever tasted.
He grilled them while I finished the stir-fry.
We also made some home made cheese sticks and zucchini. Hey, we went a little crazy.


MommaHughes said...

Mmmm...these pictures just made me so hungry!

amanda said...

It sounds like you're having fun with the CSAs!