Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Basil out your ears!

I planted one basil plant in a pot and somehow have wound up with six incredibly productive, healthy, and overgrowing basil plants in my garden. I have basil out of my ears! 

Let's face it, basil is a fantastic herb. It smells divine, can spruce up a dish, and is beautiful. However....there is only so much basil this gal can handle.

I needed a few good ways to use this herb and found them online. Thought I would share a couple of them with you in case you also find yourself swimming in sea of basil.

My Ideas:
Cut sprigs, wrap stems with ribbon/twine, and sell them at your garage sale!
Cut sprigs, wrap stems with ribbon/twine and give them as presents to neighbors and friends!
And, I am spent. See...I need help!

~Making and Freezing Basil Pesto
~ Six Ways to Make Use of An Abundance of Basil
~Freezing Basil for Winter 

There are also a few MPM recipes that use basil. Here are two !
Tomato Basil Summer Pasta 
Margherita Pizza 

Any other ideas? Share them!

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