Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

This week on MPM.....

Teaching your child to set the table~

Making your own lotion, diaper rash cream and massage oil out of a kitchen staple~

Grinding your own grains, why? 

What in the world is Kefir and why does Katie talk about it so much!?!
(That is me, apparently talking about Kefir with my head out the window.)

Kefir Soaked Whole Grain Double Chocolate Brownies~

What to do with Basil coming of our your ears~ 

OH, yes and the usual meal plans....afterall we ARE the Meal Planning Mommies! 

Monday: Soaked Whole Grain Waffles 
Tuesday: Ratatouille
Wednesday: Soaked Whole Grain Crepes 
Thursday: Raw Cheese, Pear and Sprouted Grain Tortillas
Friday: Potato  Bakes
Saturday: Vegetable Beef Soup 

And, my kids favorite snack of the summer that we can not stop making and we love love love~ home made graham crackers with apricot dip. 


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