Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Made Lotion/Diaper Rash Cream

In my pantry is a gigantic bucket filled with one of the most delightful oils in the world, unrefined organic coconut oil.

It smells heavenly.
It tastes terrific.
It is wholesome and nutritious, a powerhouse of good fat, antioxidants, protein and vitamins.

And, outside of the kitchen unrefined organic coconut oil makes a fantastic healing and protective ointment for your skin and the skin of your little darlings.

There are many recipes for making salve with coconut oil.  I created my own simple one and have found it to be a wonderful lotion for the entire family. Here are a few of the uses for our coconut oil salve:

~ Diaper Rash Cream, both in healing diaper rash and preventing diaper rash. 
~ A Natural Daily Sun screen, that protects us very well and allows vitamin D  to be absorbed into our bodies. 
~An evening lotion for the kids after bath time. 
~ A cure for cradle cap. 
~ For massages after a long days work. 
~ As a once a week hair conditioner for me, and a daily conditioner for my eldest son, who has lush gorgeous curls. 

I highly encourage the purchase of organic unrefined coconut oil.  Oil that has been refined is stripped of much of the nutrients, natural odor, and has been bleached. Unrefined is more expensive, but well worth it for both your skin and your cooking!

Here is my recipe for Coconut Oil Salve. It is so simple!

In a jar mix together the following. I keep a jar of this in our bathroom, my kids rooms, and in the kitchen. I also keep a container in my diaper bag. It is good stuff!

6 Tablespoons of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil 
1/2 cup plus 2 Tablespoons Organic Shea Butter 

Mix. Store. Use.

Because of the coconut oil this will be runny if it is stored in temperatures higher than 76 degrees, which has happened here at our house in the summer.  Even runny we love it. But, on these nice cool days the salve is hard like a butter and it melts beautifully with body heat.

Some people add arrowroot powder or talc free baby powder, but I have never seen the need, although this certainly would not hurt anything.
Many of my recipes call for unrefined coconut oil. Again, I have a huge container of it in my kitchen and make room in my budget for it because it serves us so nicely in the kitchen and for natural cosmetic purposes.

I am a big fan of Mountain Rose Herbs Shea butter and unrefined organic coconut oil. Actually, I am a big fan of everything they have! You can also purchase organic unrefined coconut oil and Shea butter through many other online sources, food co-ops and your natural food store.  I have thought of adding therapeutic grade essential oil to the recipe, but have not yet.

If you have recipes like this please share them with us. We are always looking for good natural recipes that our healthy and healing for our families!


Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

My mother-in-law made me some lotion like this, but I never thought to use it as diaper rash cream. I may just have to give it a try. :)

Denys said...

Thanks for the tip. I also use organic coconut oil from Tropical for cooking and have used it straight out of the jar for dry skin. I like the idea of making a real recipe out of it. I have a 12 mth old, so I know we'll be seeing some diaper rashes. Looking forward to using your recipe for hair and skin as well. Thanks again!