Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How To: Make your Own Trendy Menu Planner


I saw this adorable, decorative and trendy, DO IT YOURSELF Menu Planner and had to share!

I have been very into doing crafty stuff lately, especially making flower rosettes for my hair, my girls hair, as pins, purses etc. Anyway, I was searching around on "Little Birdie Secrets" to see what other great craft ideas she has and came across this fantastic Menu Planner Board.

You make this Menu Planner from scratch using a frame, scrapbook paper, vinyl cut letters, dry erase marker and heavy duty magnets (optional if you want it on your fridge). Not only is this a cute idea for your home, but what a great gift idea for a wedding, birthday or Christmas! You could also include several options of scrapbook paper so your recipient could change the background to their liking or for each holiday!

Check out the tutorial here at Little birdie secrets.


MommaHughes said...

Sarah, that is soooo cute! I am definitely using that. Thank you! Hmmmm...I wonder what magnets to use. Did you make one of these already? What magnets did you use? Did you just glue them on with a glue gun or something?

Sarah Anne said...

Alisha, check out the link to the blog. I believe she used some pretty heavy duty metal magnets that she superglued to the back of the frame. Lemme know if you figure it out! I think i will use mine and have it stand up on my counter. Just something different and cutesy!