Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meal Plan Mid-Week Change!

We have been participating in a Community Supported Agriculture program since early May.  Bit by bit this one food decision has radically changed the on-goings in our kitchen.

I still meal plan, prepare, and like to know the details of dinner by mid-morning each day.  Except on Thursdays. Oh, CSA day!

There is no reason to meal plan on Thursdays because we know that we will be dining on whatever bounty may be in the basket.  It is organic, picked hours before we eat it, and makes Thursday dinner a vegetarian surprise.

I do have fresh bread made on Thursdays to go along with our meal. Butter. Honey. Jam.

Otherwise, we eat CSA fresh each Thursday.

Let me give you an example.

Today the CSA basket was chock full of squash (yet again!), okra, onions, potatoes, green beans, turnips, radishes, green peppers, hot peppers,  cucumbers and corn.

The basket dictated dinner.

I shucked the corn, added some cooked wild rice, kefir, and butter~ and made a delicious corn casserole.  (I have linked to it for you. I substitute kefir for cream and I soak my wild rice in apple cider vinegar). I chopped some potatoes and green beans, cooked them together until tender. Peeled and cut the cucumbers and served them raw. We ate this with fresh soaked whole grain bread and a home made almond butter/honey spread.

And, now tomorrows meal plan is changed too.....because the turnip greens need to be used while they are fresh so I am going to make lentil soup with greens.  Frugal, healthy, and delicious!

And, we have enough squash preserved for the winter already so I want to use this squash up. I am going saute it and add it to some Quinoa for dinner on Saturday.

Okra is incredible for your colon, but we are not big fans of okra around here so I am going to chop it up and hide it into some soup for Sunday.

So despite the meal plan that I thought I was going to do this week, I am changing it all because of the huge basket of fresh produce that we received in our CSA today. This is the time of year that many CSA's are accepting sign up for next season.  I highly recommend the investment!

CSA's are more than just good for the environment, your community, and your body~ they are plain FUN to be a part of each week!

Check out Eat Wild as one resource that might help you locate a CSA in your community, ask around at your farmer's market, and ask around!

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