Monday, September 6, 2010

The Plan...

I am sure many of you have noticed that the Meal Planning Mommies have been M.I.A. for awhile. As Katie posted, she was on vacation enjoying a much needed media break. I was in Northern Michigan last week enjoying some much needed family time and, thus I didn't have a meal plan last week...(unless you can count yummy bakery bread, Mackinac fudge, taffy.... oh I had some real food too!)

So this morning, I sat in Panera after some much needed reading time and came up with our meal plan for this week. I have decided to post a little bit differently this week. I will first post our meal plan and give you the links to the recipes. I will then post each recipe separately on it's own day, but since I will be actually making the meal that night.... there won't be pictures or feedback. I will give feedback the next day as to how our family enjoyed that night's recipe.

I found a fantastic blog called "Heavenly Homemakers" that has lots of great posts, including some easy, frugal and healthy meals. I have linked to the blog with each recipe that I have used, so that you can go directly there to get the recipe ahead of time!

Here is the plan for the week:

Monday: Sloppy Cornbread with Sweet Corn on the Cobb and Watermelon

Tuesday: Cheesy Beef and Rice with Steamed Green Beans

Wednesday: Pizza Pockets

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner (my hubby's turn to cook!)

Friday: Three Cheese Garlic Chicken Pasta with Italian Herb Foccacia Bread

I am also hoping to make some of the snacks and desserts from the site Heavenly Homemakers. I will post those as we make them this week!

Happy Meal Planning!

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Laura said...

Thanks so much for the links to my blog!