Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I know it is a movie. In fact, it is the first movie that I watched when I returned home from Ethiopia with my then tiny Mussie. He is not so tiny anymore. He is growing, active, and hungry!

Between my CSA and the garden at my mom's house I wound up with a bunch of eggplant.
Add this to my overflowing drawer of zucchini and squash and the only choice I had was to make my own Ratatouille.

To clarify~ I am certain that to people who KNOW how to make this dish I have done it absolutely and completely wrong. I admit that with no qualms.
But, it was still darn good and I am pleased with my first attempt.

Tomato Juice
Olive Oil
Whole Wheat Cous-Cous

In a big old pot I poured some olive oil. I chopped garlic and onions and added them into the pot first. As they were busy with the saute action I chopped up the rest of the vegetables. I diced them pretty small and added them to the pot. They cooked and simmered up really nice, creating their own juice. I added just a little bit of freshly made tomato juice that I had on hand from processing tomatoes yesterday. I also added some basil and oregano.

I let this simmer for over an hour on really low heat, once they had saute'd nicely. I served this over whole wheat cous-cous with a side of freshly made apple sauce.

Absolutely looking forward to to next summer and more of this meal! Easy, healthy and delicious!

And, for a Ratatouille recipe that can be made in the crock pot, go here.

Tip: Take the leftover Ratatouille and blend it in a blender until it is a sauce. Serve it tomorrow over noodles or chicken with garlic bread and cheese. One meal, two dinners!

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amanda said...

Great idea to blend it for sauce later! Thanks for the inspiration.