Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soaked Whole Grain Brownies

After reading that there was such a thing out there as soaked chocolate coffee cake I had to try it for myself. This is a pretty good recipe. I liked it. My husband liked it too, although I know he wished it was not as dense.
Still~ pretty darn good for coffee cake or for brownies!

I have not tried this  recipe yet, but on the Nourishing Gourmet there is a wonderful looking chocolate brownie pudding cake. I plan on  whipping it up this week! Yum! I am hoping it is not as heavy as the chocolate coffee cake.

Below are both links. The Passionate Homemaking one is worth the ingredients and effort. I have a feeling the Chocolate Pudding Cake will be the same! 

Chocolate Coffee Cake from Passionate Homemaking
Brownie Pudding Cake from The Nourishing Gourmet 

These ladies are both so neat. I aspire to be able to actually create recipes on my own like this. I kind of went from making brownies out of a box straight feet first into the whole/real foods movement....sso I missed that important part of actually learning how to cook.......For now, permit me to pass on their variations while I work on my own to share !

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