Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Week Without Media (and Meal Plannning!)

I have just returned from a week (minus one day!) without TV, computer, and with two exceptions even my phone. There was absolutely zero withdrawal. I did not miss them at all. My plan was to have posts set to pop up for each day that I was gone on vacation.

It did not happen.
When we arrived to the Smoky Mountains, settled into our cabin and stretched off the nine hour drive I thought about sitting down and posting. 

But an interesting thing happened.

I sat down. Outside. And stared at a thick green life filled forest. And, the Lord used the mountains to speak to my soul the absolute importance of living my life outside of the realm of all things digital and being tied to no gadget with a string of urgency or importance. And, here is something neat.....

Everything went on. My posts did not happen and yet here we are. Fine. 

This week I hiked with my family. We spent hours outside with an intentional focus on absorbing Creation, praising the Creator, and discussing our responsibility to care for the earth and all its inhabitants.

I have so much that I want to share and not a bit of it has to do with Meal Planning. I know Sarah and Alisha are feeling much the same. We are wondering, pondering, perhaps even hoping that perhaps we could change things up here on Meal Planning Mommies to serve as a source of encouragement for Mom's beyond just organization in meal planning.

Today, I have thoughts on Creation care.
I have thoughts on family bonding.
I have thoughts on motherhood, adventure, and the art of having both.

I, actually we (the three gals behind MPM's) are thinking of shaking things up around here...and I do not mean the salt shaker.  We want to proclaim Jesus as Lord. We want to encourage mother's. We want talk stewardship. We have creative kid ideas to share, family activities and messages of hope. We want to address justice, and yes still share recipes especially as we journey into a food lifestyle that is nourishing and whole. We might even want to vent here and there! (Amen!)

But, for tonight there will be no decision made. I am not posting a meal plan this week. There are recipes in abundance on MPM's that we encouarage you to search if you are in need of some inspiration. I believe things will resume as normal tomorrow, for a time at least.

While in Tennessee, sitting on my back deck in the midst of the Smoky mountains I read the book, Gardening Eden by Michael Abbate. Please read it. Even if that means you are not visiting our blog for a time just so you can read it, please do!

In the interim, I encourage you tonight to shut off the computer.
Smooch on your husband.
Pray over your sleeping children.
Take a deep breath of the night sky.
And, know the Lord who created the earth, the sea, the sky, and all its inhabitants great and small loves you deeply.

I hope your meal planning and kitchen time this week will be blessed, that and all the other hours of your days. May they be spent well.


Sheila said...

Hey - probably my favorite post from you ever! Thanks! Food for the soul is more important than food for the stomach.

Merut said...

I love it when I can spend a week without technology. I used to do field work and it was the best thing in the world, because I would be outside for 13 days at a time, with no phone, tv, computer, nothing. It helps the soul. It's a lot harder now that we are surrounded by it.

Anna Jo said...

I love this post! I think you ought to do whatever the Lord calls you to do, and if one way to witness is through this blog, then do it! You will definitely keep me as a reader! :)

Jeff, Amber, Emalyne, Jael and Jethro said...

thank you so much for sharing....we just returned from enjoying God's creation over the weekend with our kids as well...looking forward to the possible changes in your blog...have enjoyed the food but other possibilites sound refreshing...