Sunday, October 10, 2010


Can't publish this post without first saying, Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy Birthday to you. I love your cooking. And, the way that you crack yourself up. And, that time you thought it was really funny when the thing came on the TV that said, "this film has been formatted to fit your screen." And, you thanked them like a big dork and then laughed so hard you had to pee. Happy Birthday dear Mom. Happy Birthday to you. 

This week is exciting.



(1). because I have declared war upon the disaster in my house. Although some battles may be lost, I will be victorious thanks to the flylady and the goodwill drop off center where I shall be taking everything that I do not want to put away. (That and freecycle, check it out in your area!)

(2). because we have a really fun give-away this week!

(3). because  I adore pumpkins and have a love affair with squash and the week began with an abundance of both.

(4). because my meal plan is actually pretty darn awesome too!

I am going to tell you my meal plan now....what?....what did you say? 
Meal Plan Smeal Plan? You just want to know what the give-away is??? 

Oh, ok.

At the end of the week we will be giving away three incredibly adorable cookie cutters from Ann Clark!!! 

I like their saying.....Eat more Cookies.

Yes sir.  Yes ma'm. Will do!

The cookie cutters make me want to bake cookies. They are cute! cute! cute!

So, we are giving some away to get those creative cookie juices flowing for you as well.

The give-away will officially begin Monday 10/11 and end on Saturday 10/16.

And, back to my meal plan. It is good to get distracted by cookies.

Monday~ Black Beans and Rice (using a lot of my CSA veggies..okra anyone?)
Tuesday~ Home made soaked tortillas and all the fixins.
Wednesday~Soaked Whole Grain Crepes
Thursday~ Fiesta Sloppy Joes on Rice 
Friday~Lentil Soup with Green, Salad, Homemade Graham Cracker Muffins 
Saturday~ Panko Chicken Nuggets and Baked Curly Fries

Plus, some sweet apple treats, dehydrated apples, canned apples, and apple sauce......yes...we just picked apples!


Bookworms said...

Dear Katie:

I'm so glad that you love to bake cookies just like you did when you were a little girl. I remember when we made chocolate chip cookies and you, your sister and brother usually ate more dough than we baked! Thank God no one ever got any kind of "raw egg disease!" But I also loved baking sugar cookies with you guys that we cut out. It never ceased to amaze me how camels somehow ended up looking like elephants, or how some animals ended up with extra apendages, or fewer. Go figure. I remember on specific time when we were baking Halloween cookies for your Kindergarten class. We had a Witch cookie cutter. You thought she "looked mean and would scare the kids." So you tried to make a smile on each of the raw cookies faces. I can't quite explain how "scary" they actually looked with a big gash across the face when they were baked! What incredible fun! Hope all the Meal Planning Mommies experience such memory-making times!

Rayne of Terror said...

I see the clan Rogal!