Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute Little Halloween Dinner or Lunch

I got an email from Pillsbury with this super cute Halloween dinner idea. I had ingredients in my house to make my own variation. I am giving you the recipe to my variation, but I wanted to give you the link to theirs...which is, of course, much cuter...and possibly tastier, although mine was quite tasty. Here is the link to Pillsbury's Jack O Lantern Sloppy Joe Pie. Here is my variation:
1 lb. Ground turkey
1 tube of Pillsbury Crescent rolls
1 can of Barbecue Manwich
1 can of corn, drained

Cook and chop Ground turkey. (Can I just add something here. Ground turkey is such a GREAT alternative to ground beef. I tried it because it is healthier, and God knows I need help in that area...but, the thing I love the nasty grease to drain and wait to harden somewhere. Don't you hate ground beef grease? Not to mention, if you have an Ultra store or a Town and Country store close by, they are selling Perdue Ground Turkey for $.99/ lb. this week. STOCK UP PRICE FOR REAL! Anyway...on with the recipe.)

Roll out crescent rolls into one big rectangle on some wax paper on your counter top.

Pinch together all of the seams.
Use a rolling pin to flatten your one big crescent dough rectangle.
Meanwhile, your husband can be at the table making a jack-o-lantern. (or not)
Use a butter knife to cut cute little eyes, nose, and mouth out of your dough rectangle.If your kids are my kid's age, let them use the extra dough to play with.If they are older, encourage them to make their own mini pumpkin faces and offer to cook them.
Add Manwich and drained corn to your ground turkey. (might I also add that if you are trying out ground turkey for the first time, Manwich is a splendid place to start, because it really does a magnifico job of hiding what kind of meat you are using.) :0)Carefully place your dough face on top of your meat mixture. Fix the seams that fall apart. Somehow mine ended up looking like a skeleton face. Gotta love Halloween, one of few times when making a cute thing look ugly does not matter!! :0) (can you tell I am in a good mood today? I got a long nap this afternoon.)Cook the face as long as your dough tells you to. (375 degrees for 13 minutes were my directions)
And again, one more addition, before I show you the end result...
...check our your store's clearance section. I found several knocked up cans of corn at my Town and Country for just $.10. Not bad. Perfectly good to eat. Just make sure they aren't so beaten up that you won't be able to open the can. :0)
Apparently I have not made "cute food" in a while, because my kids were quite happy tonight with our creation.
Here is what my husband's jack-o-lantern looked like before I came downstairs to put this on the computer.
I'll let you see the end result later.


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