Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here's what is coming up this week on Meal Planning Mommies

I do not feel like getting into all the ways that these past couple of weeks have been ironically disappointing for me, but I DO want to mention that my camera broke. The one that I LOVED! So, these recipes are old ones that I took a long time ago with my old camera and forgot about, and some new ones that I made and took pictures of with my old (not very cool) camera. I promise the recipes are good, even if the pictures look like a 2nd grader took them in a dark alley. :0) Oh yeah, and a tree fell on our house right smack in the middle of the most pleasant day of the year. No joke. Here's a picture of it before my hubster rolled it off of our roof with our neighbor's help.

Here's what is coming your way this week:

MONDAY> Italian Grilled Cheese
TUESDAY> Soup and Garlic Bites
WEDNESDAY> Creamy Beef Enchiladas (Great freezer meal)
THURSDAY> Salad-dressing Marinated Meat
FRIDAY> Cheese Stuffed Pasta and Sauce

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