Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homemade Soaked Crepes

My crepes from the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, TN

My crepe addiction came with the realization that crepes are actually (a) ridiculously easy to make, (b) incredibly versatile, and (c) impressively delicious.

I like to make crepes for guests when they come visit and then let them leave believing that crepes are really hard to make and thus I must truly be handy in the kitchen....which despite this food blog...I am alas a kitchen fool.

But, not with crepes. With crepes I am the Queen of the kitchen.  A Queen that does her own dishes.

I am going to give you my crepes recipes and then provide you with some links of other creative cooks that have some neat crepe ideas. This recipe for crepes freezes well, so make extra!

In your blender put the following:
3/4 cup kefir
2tsp coconut oil
1/2 cup flour (if using a raw whole grain, which I highly recommend, then use 1/3 cup. Kamut and spelt make for amazing crepes!)

Blend the above together and let this rest over night, reducing the phytic acid, making it healthier for your body and all around tasty!

In the morning mix in~
1 Egg
Pinch of Salt

Blend again.

Place coconut oil in your pan. I like using my cast iron pan, on low heat.
A little bit of batter goes a long way, remember crepes are very thin.
Using a spatula keep going under the cooking crepe so that it does not stick, flip when ready. They only take a few moments each. This process goes very fast!

Once you have your crepes ready you can do many things with them.

Fill them with cottage or ricotta cheese, fruit, and maple syrup. We really like them with ricotta, maple syrup, almond slivers and home canned peaches!

Fill them with black beans/salsa/cultured sour cream
Fill them with brown rice and lentils
Fill them wtih leftover taco fixings from a previous meal

Fill them with chicken and top it off with a cheese sauce. 
This idea comes from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, a great foodie blog I just happily stumbled across. I have not make this meal, but plan on doing so this upcoming week. I will be modifying the recipe to use slightly different ingredients such as butter verses margarine. Stock verses cubes. Etc. I am looking forward to letting you know how it turns out!

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