Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Minute Meal Plan for the Week

If you have ever tried to sell a house, I am sure you can relate to what our family is going through right now! My husband loves it (as he will tell you he is a bit OCD), but it is stressful for me to try and keep our house "show-worthy" at all times. We have (much to our budget's dismay) eaten out quite a bit this past week. This has saved me from having to completely mess up my kitchen... but this week I am determined to cook. Just as Katie posted last week, my kitchen is a "working kitchen"... even if it is up for sale!

So my plan was to have my meal plan for the week completely written out by Saturday night... well there were a few last minute changes in our plans. We ended up going to have an adult night with Katie and her husband, Jason. Panera for dinner, a little shopping and then going to hear some live Jazz... it was a great night! On Sunday our family has chosen to not participate in media of any sorts- mainly no computer or t.v. That way our Sabbath is truly a break from what we "typically" do day to day.

So here I am, Monday morning--- one child in time out, one screaming at my feet and the other... hmmm- what is she doing??? Please accept my meal plan with grace and know you can find lots of other great recipes on our homepage- click on RECIPE INDEX on the top horizontal menu.

Monday: Groundnut Chop with Brown Rice - This is an African dish that I did not make. Our church had tons of leftovers from our Missions dinner this weekend, and I hate to waste it! I will post the recipe and would love to hear if any of you have made this before!

Tuesday: Karen's Sesame Noodles with Baked Sweet Potato and Broccoli

Wednesday: Pizza Pockets

Thursday: Oven Baked homemade B-Bque chicken with noodles and corn

Friday: Chili Mac with Garlic Bread and green beans

Here is my lunch meal plan also, just in case you needing some ideas!

All will be served with fruit and/or a veggie.

Monday- Tortilla Roll ups
(you can use black beans/brown rice; grilled chicken/avocado, hummus/sprouts/tomato; pinto beans/cheese/salsa; cooked shrimp/lettuce/vinagerette; avocado/cheese/cucumber/sprouts or just plain old peanut butter and apples!)

Tuesday- Roasted Red Pepper Soup with homemade bread
(Wolfgang Puck's Organic Soup)

Wednesday- Cheddar Toasties with Apple Slices

Thursday- Mac n' Cheese

Friday- Tuna Bites

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