Friday, October 29, 2010

A surefire way to get your kids to eat healthy food.

My husband came up with this plan to get your kids to eat the food you make. If you have more than one kid under the age of 6, I would think this would work for you. Here it is:

The plan:
Serve everything on one plate. Put it in the middle of the table. Tell the kids to share the food.

Why it works:
Siblings fight over everything. One kid will act like it is a contest to see who can get to the "prize" first. They won't even want to eat it, but because they want to make sure their sibling does NOT eat it, they will sacrifice for the sake of being the "winner". :0)


Jen said...

That's genius! It makes me want to rush out and have a second kid just to put it into practice! :)

Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

Love it!!! Hilarious!

Nicholle C. said...

This is a GREAT IDEA & I can't wait to try it. I have 2 year old twins, & they're 'ok' eaters. Not only is the spirit of competition a great idea (that works), but I love that the snacks are in a muffin pan

Megan said...

haha, I'm going to try this with my two boys!

amanda said...

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