Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday: Homemade Soaked Tortilla with All the Fixings!

I know what you are thinking.  That does not look like a tortilla.
Trust me, I know. This is not my first tortilla, in fact, I make these a lot and yet I can not for the life of me make dough into a circle.

This is not my only obvious fault of current.

I also am 29 years old and still have no idea what I am doing with my hair. It is just kind of there. Bangs? No bangs? Long? Short? Straight? Curly? Flipped out? In? Ponytail?  Ah, yes....there we go. Almost thirty and still sporting the ponytail almost every day.

Anyone else stuck with the hair blues? And, the "I can't make a circle tortilla blues"?
If so, let's talk.  Seriously.

Circle or not, these tortillas are delicious, easy (sans the circle) and nourishing.
Here is the Recipe~ Passionate Homemaking Soaked Tortilla's

To them off with whatever you like. This time around I did black beans (leftover from yesterdays meal!), lacto-fermented home made salsa, pastured beef, cultured sour cream, and raw milk cheese. They were amazing! 


Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

Here's my unsolicitated advice... :) I use a round tupperware to "cut" my tortillas into circles before I put them on the skillet. Just roll out a little more than you'll need, turn the container upside down and use it like a big cookie cutter. Works like a charm and your tortillas look a little more professional.

Susie said...

I must try these! I'm still quite slow in the soaked grain department, having only done granola and pancakes so far but I am gaining a large collection of recipes from these blogs and you always INSPIRE me!!!

Hair...oh, my. Hair is not one of my gifts.... LOL And currently the only person I have trusted to cut/style my hair since cutting off my long hair a few years back is on maternity leave until November 15! Yikes! So I'm having some serious hair blues lately, trust me! Which is what I get for attempting to get as "bang for my buck" as I can, and never making regular appointments but waiting until it has grown out of control once again.