Monday, November 1, 2010

Chicken Nuggets

My boys, that being the old hubsters and my four year old son The Moose, love chicken nuggets. The baby has not had one yet and I am going to keep it that way for a while.  More so, they have an ongoing love affair with Buffalo Wild Wings chicken.  Weekly they go out on a man night adventure which often takes them to their favorite joint for some unhealthy man grub. This is fine with me.

Sometimes at home I have a request for the home made version of what is basically chicken nuggets.
As we try pretty hard to eat food that is nourishing and whole this (I thought) was a tricky recipe to pull off. In fact, however, it is not that tricky at all.

Good Chicken
Organic Golden Panko
Coconut Oil
Arizona Pepper's Organic Jalepeno Pepper Sauce

I say "good chicken" because if you are buying local chicken then it is possible to purchase organic hormone free chicken that was raised ethically and lovingly without it having the organic stamp. Many small farms can not afford to certify organic, but actually are in fact organic or beyond! Just start asking questions and you can save yourself some money. I use a whole chicken, cook it, and cut it up. I often save the chicken breast pieces especially for this meal.

Panko is some pretty neat stuff. You could use any type of breadcrumbs, even home made ones. I am using Panko because we like it on cheese sticks and I happen to buy it for two dollars last week! I like Edward and Sons brand, but there is lots of good Panko out there.

Egg and Flour. Easy enough. I use freshly ground whole grain of some kind and it does not affect the taste or make it gritty. You could use just about anything here.

Coconut Oil. By frying your  chicken in the coconut oil you are going to do two things. One, add some amazing rich flavor to your food and second give your food a rich and nutritious fat source that your body needs. This is a fantastic alternative to other frying oils. It is not only NOT bad for you, it is actually good for you.  Can't beat that.

Cut up your chicken into pieces as you prefer.
Set three bowls on your counter. One with beaten egg. One with flour. One with Panko/breadcrumbs.
Roll the chicken into the flour.
Dip the floured chicken into the egg.
Coat the floured egged chicken into the panko. Repeat until finished.
Fry the chicken in coconut oil on a skillet. Don't know why but I always make this meal on my cast iron skillet. Makes for some mean chicken fingers.

For fun, and to imitate that resteraunt feel, I then place several cups in the middle of the table with various sauces. I like to use ranch, buffalo sauce, and BBQ sauce. But, we mix it up with whatever we have.

We ate this particular meal with gigantic sweet potatoes and green beans straight from the CSA box. Amen.

I am very curious if anyone else has a take on this meal. I would always be open to finding other ways to make chicken nuggets that are delicious, easy, and healthy. Share if you do and we will feature you!

Many blessings,


ps..on chicken nugget night we also have a bottle of creme soda. Traditions. Gotta love them.


Jen said...

I like to add different seasonings to the breadcrumbs... Southwest, Italian, whatever. I also love chicken strips prepared the same way and made into a wrap. (Think McDonald's chicken snack wrap, but better!)

Ethiopianmomma said...

mmm...seasoning does sound good. Especially the southwest! Thanks for the idea! Love the wrap idea as well. We have sprouted tortillas in the fridge today, perhaps I can make this for lunch one day this week. Sounds good.