Monday, November 22, 2010

One beef brisket, Three Meals.

In light of Thanksgiving (whippeee!!!)  I wanted to create a meal plan that was easy, something that could in a sense be in the back of my mind, so that we could go about our home preparing for the holiday company.
In my deep freeze I had one nice chunk of beef remaining from the pastured cow we purchased last year. Seemed like the right week to use this. Beef sounded good as we have had vegetarian meals since last Thursday! Including two nights where I simply served a bunch of vegetables from our CSA this summer along with salt, pepper, butter, and some rolls.

My plan is to roast the meat today and make a fairly typical roast.
Tomorrow we will make drip beef sandwiches with the leftover meat.
Wednesday we will use any remaining meat and have pot roast soup or pour the remaining meat, broth, and roast vegetables over brown rice.

Then, of course, is Thanksgiving!

Here is the drip beef recipe. Many blessings for a happy, peaceful, and festive Thanksgiving.

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