Monday, November 22, 2010

He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.
Psalms 104:19

It was not even half past three in the afternoon. For many of us, this is crunch time. Cram time. Get it done time.

Dinner is forthcoming. Lunch is over. Little ones might be napping. There are errands. Forget dusting, that can not be accomplished until the surfaces are cleared off of the books, toys, paper piles, and is that the sock I have been searching for shoved behind the shelf(?). There are blogs to read, emails to send, books with dog eared pages waiting for further indigestion. The phone keeps ringing, sometimes important, sometimes idle but sweet chatter. Across town is a mega good deal on cheese, today only. The church play needs edited and somebody has to make the set out of cardboard and twine, any volunteers? Plus, cookies sound good and the dough sits half completed waiting for that darn butter to soften. And, the in laws are staying three days over Thanksgiving and the guest room is somewhere under the laundry.

It was half past three. I did not know where my to do list was. Late November and it is raining. Wow. Late November and the windows of my house are open wide. Because of our modern conviences it can be so easy to disconnect from nature and the display of ever changing sensations that take place outside of our climate controlled habitats. At night, when the land is dark and our bodies naturally begin telling us that it is time for rest we turn on the lights and fight nature. In the heat we condition our bodies to desire the cool forced air taking away our natural ability to gradually cope with warm weather. During a November rain storm we rush on, push through, and miss out.

At half past three this afternoon my entire house was dark. Without using electric light the dark clouds had cast a shadow over our home. This made going about our tasks difficult to do. My first thought? Turn on the lights! And, then I remembered the importance of going with nature, flowing with the seasons, connecting to the natural world.

I stopped. I sipped a cup of coffee. I held my children. And, we did......nothing.

Take a cue from nature. Rest at dark. Rise at light. Labor during times when naturally the body is energized. And, when that rain storm comes crashing through on a rare late November afternoon keep the lights off, windows open, and thank the Lord  for the seasons and cycles that take place around and within us every moment of every single day.

Many blessings. This day and always.

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MommaHughes said...

Katie, that was awesome. You're right. It's 10:00 at night, and I am sooooo tired. Why am I up? Because it's just what I do. This is my computer time. I am gonna go make it my bedtime now. Computer can wait til tomorrow. LOVE YOU.