Monday, November 15, 2010

Healthy Lunch in Pinch


This morning my four year old son did his usual flipping and flying around the house. We are used to some bumps and bruises around here, in fact, daily we are admiring some new muscle or recently procured scrape.

I thought nothing much when he came to me early and mentioned that his arm hurt. As the morning progressed I noticed that my rowdy little fellow was not so rowdy. In fact, he sat nursing his arm on the couch. I gave him a hot pad, read him a few chapters of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, and watched carefully.

After an hour of stillness I called the doctor and we packed up and high tailed it into the office. I had hesitated because I did not want an enormous bill just to be told that we needed to put ice on it and rest. It was hard to gauge how hurt my little fellow actually was! I decided to stop trying to diagnosis his pain on my own and simply trust him. He said it hurt. That was enough.

Poor little guy had dislocated his elbow. The doctor popped it back into place and immediately his pain was relieved. His energy and movement returned, but mine was sapped! After all of that, plus a cranky baby that missed a morning nap, I was plain tuckered out.

Thankfully, lunch was a breeze. I thought I might share a few easy lunch ideas for families to have around for a time such as this, because they happen!

1. Cheese and Apple Tortilla's
This is really tasty and so easy. I keep tortillas frozen in my freezer at all times. Sometimes they are homemade and sometimes they are store purchased. I really like sprouted grain tortillas. Simply cut up some apples, add some cheese, and serve grilled or cold. You can add sprouts too for a healthful and tasty addition.

2. Apple and Peanut Butter Tortilla's

The same concept as above except smear peanut butter on the tortillas, slice apples, roll up and serve!

Another variation would be here~ on bread!

3. Beans and Rice. Over the weekend I soak beans and rice, cook them, and freeze it. I always know that sometime during the week I might need them and won't have the time to soak and cook them. So, an easy lunch is to take them out of the freezer, heat on the stove, toss in some peppers, and serve.

4. Green Smoothies, Cheese and Crackers
In your blender add together a nice compilation of fruits, kefir (or yogurt), and greens. Believe it or not, greens such as spinach, kale, turnip greens, bok choy, are declicious raw with a little bit of fruit. For a family of four we make our green smoothies something like this: Two Bananas, One Apple, Two Cups of Greens, Dab of Honey, Cup of Kefir/Yogurt. If we have other fruit we might add it too.
Serve this with a plate of cheese and crackers for a quick lunch!

5. Hummus or Black Bean Dip with veggies. Cooking ahead some black beans or chickpeas is great for last minute dips. Soak, cook, and freeze your beans. Then~ when you need them in a crunch they are ready to go!

6. A Really Good Sandwich Idea!

7. Pop sweet potatoes or squash into the oven, serve with cinnamon and good butter!

8. Go out to eat! Haha....hey when you are in a lunch crunch go ahead and pull up a chair to a table you do not have to clean, get a tall glass of water, giggle with the kids, and order your favorite afternoon meal.

There are many more ideas here on MPM's! Have fun looking through our ever growing recipe index (which is still under construction as we have over 850 recipes!) and please share some easy lunch ideas with us!!!!

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