Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coupon Match-ups for Ultra/Town and Country 12/9-12/15

For those of you who do the coupon thing, and have an Ultra Store or a Town and County Store nearby, take a look at what deals are starting for you tomorrow (December 9)

There are six 4-day sale items this week. (Running from Thursday, Dec. 9-Sunday, Dec. 12) To qualify for these deals, you must spend at least $10 in the same transaction, and have the in-ad coupon. All of these deals have a limit of ONE.

The 4-Day Sale Deals are here:
TW Pure Cane Sugar
$.97 each

Pillsbury Flour
$.77 each

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
$.77 each

Nabisco Premium Saltines
$.97 each

Kraft Miracle Whip
$1.77 each


Crisco Oil $1.77

Use $.55/1 from RP 11/07/10.
Final Price: $1.22

Angel Soft Toilet Tissue 2/$10
Use $.50/1 or $1/2 from RP 11/14/10, RP 09/19/10, or here.
Final Price: 2/$9

Sparkle Paper Towel 2/$10
Use $1/2 from RP 11/14/10 #2
Final Price: 2/$9
There is also a manufacturer coupon for $5 off your grocery purchase when you spend $20 on participating items (Angel Soft and Sparkle are included in that list)

Deal Suggestion:
Get 2 Angel Soft Toilet Tissue for $10
Get 2 Sparkle Paper Towels for $12
(there is a limit of 2 on the 2/$10 Angel Soft & Sparkle deal)
Use $1/2 Angel Soft Coupon
Use $1/2 Sparkle Coupon
Use $5/20 In-Ad Coupon
Final Price: $15 for all 4 items (or $3.75 each)
Land O Lakes Butter $1.77
Use $1/2 from SS 10/24/10
Final Price $1.27 each!!!
(this is a stock up price)
limit of 2...additional $3.39... so don't buy more than two in one transaction

Progresso $.77
Use $1/4 from SS 11/21/10, GM 10/03/10, GM 11/14/10, SS 10/24/10, and GM 12/05/10
Final Price: $.52 each!!
(this would also be a stock up price...note that there is a limit of 6 at this price, so do multiple transactions if you are stocking up, or ask for a rein check if the store is out)

General Mills Cereal $1.48
Use $1/2 Cocoa Puffs from here.
Final Price: $1.96/2 Cocoa Puffs

College Inn Broth 2/$1
Use $1/4 from RP 11/14/10? (My insert had a $.50/6 instead)
Final Price: As low as $1 for 4 cans

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract $2.99
Use $.50/1 from here.
Final Price: $2.49 each

Pillsbury Brownie Mix $.89
Use $.40/1 from RP 11/07/10
Final Price: $.49 each!!

Starbuck's Frappacino 2/$10
Use $1/1 from SS 11/21/10
Final Price: $4 each

On-Cor Classics $2.79
Use $.40/1 from RP 10/10/10
Final Price: $2.39 each
(Feed the whole family for under $3 using On Cor...for a meal plan using the chicken Parmesan go here)

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza 10/$10
Use $1/2 from here.
Final Price: $.50 each

McCormick Gravy $.69
Use $.25/1 from RP 11/07/10
Final Price: $.44 each

Don't forget to grab a bag of apples too...
Apples, 5 Lbs. $1.88!!!!!!

Deals compiled for Claire over at Mummy Deals. Hoping the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy are healthy and smooth, Claire!

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