Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Day, Boo Boo Monster

This time last year I was working on labor, day two. Tomorrow is my little son's birthday. Boo Boo Monster. And, he is precious and delightful and cherished and adored. As, all children are and should be.

We are celebrating his first birthday this evening with our church followed by Christmas caroling in the neighborhood that sits around the church building. There will be hot cocoa and smiles, singing and anticipation~ will he devour his piece of cake or gently poke at it?  As his Mommy (hey, I know the kid best!) I am leaning towards poking at it,followed by devouring.

I am making for him a millet cake that I have posted on here before. It is delicious and nutritious. I feel very comfortable giving this cake to my one year old and letting him have at it!

Here is the recipe for Birthday Cake made with Whole Grain (Millet). 
All for now, I must prepare for this day and a great week ahead. I must go give kisses to my children and open their curtains because overnight we received four inches of thick perfect snow and they are going to  be ecstatic.

Happy Almost Birthday my beloved Boo Boo Monster.

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Susie said...

That first picture is so striking! Boo Boo Monster is quite the fellow -- and a belated Happy Birthday to him!