Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A leftover meal: Turkey Tetrazzini

We had an awful Thanksgiving. I need to write about it simply to get it out of my system, get a chuckle and move on. Perhaps I will soon. As soon as all the leftover (frozen by now!) turkey has been used up.

This is my first time making Tetrazzini. And, as usual I did not follow an exact recipe. You would think that I would at least write down my creations so that I could share them.  I might want to post them on this really great blog I know...something about Mommies...Meal Planning....what was it?

Anyway~ Here is the basic idea.
Leftover Turkey.

In a pot I mixed together a little bit of flour, whole cream, chicken stock, and butter. Out of this I made a gravy. I seasoned it with salt and pepper until I liked the taste. This part was very easy. A nice creamy sauce was made.
Next, I cooked up some noodles.
And, thawed the turkey.
I mixed the turkey, noodles, and sauce together. Oh, and some diced mushrooms too.
All of this went into a casserole dish with some cheese. Atop it all was crushed up cracker crumbs. I baked it and whala....Turkey Tetrazzini...or something like it.

Don't want to follow my method? This one looks pretty good!

And, if you happen to have any fresh cranberries left over blend them up really well in a blender, add a bit of agave nectar  and you have a lovely tart and sweet juice. This really livened up our morning green smoothie!

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