Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday: Hamburgers on Sprouted Grain Buns

My husband teased over the weekend that he does not remember what meat tastes like. We do eat meat, just rarely now. About twice a week. Its been a good change, slow in coming, rewarding for the body and budget.  So, in light of the teasing I planed for hamburgers and we made this together. He was happy.

Grass-fed beef
Sprouted Grain Buns
Sweet Potatoes

I did not know until this summer, when out of desperation I started sticking peppers into the freezer, that they freeze incredibly well. For these hamburgers I took green and red peppers out of the freezer, sliced them and sauted them along side some leftover mushrooms.. After making the hamburgers I added the vegetables to the sandwiches.
The carrots and sweet potatoes took the place of traditional fries. I sliced them very thin, rolled them through olive oil, and baked them until crisp.  Tasty!

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